Custom PR Toolkit.

Become your own PR specialist with our do-it-yourself toolkit. Tailored to your business’s individual needs, your custom toolkit will help articulate who you are and what you do, show you how to build your own targeted media relationships, and put you on track to execute your own successful PR campaigns. The Toolkit is also the perfect foundation for a longer term partnership with Hello Human, as it forms the basis of your overall PR strategy.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’re an independent business owner, designer or artist.

b    You enjoy rolling up your sleeves (and saving money in the process).

c    You want the tools and knowledge to execute your own PR campaigns - or -

d    You’re interested in working with Hello Human longer term to help publicize your business.

What we’ll do:

a    Immerse ourselves in your brand via an in-depth interview questionnaire.

b    Translate your answers into key moments, talking points and stories.

c    Identify your audience and how you resonate with them.

d    Create a PR framework and roll-out plan for you to execute.

e    Custom PR Toolkits are priced on a sliding scale starting from $680 USD.

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