Designer’s PR Starter Kit.

Become your own PR specialist with our do-it-yourself PR starter kit. Using our deep industry knowledge, we tailored this kit specifically for designers and makers. The Designer’s PR Starter Kit provides clear and actionable instructions, helping you articulate who you are and what you do, shows you how to and who to build media relationships with, and puts you on track to execute your own successful PR campaigns.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’re an independent business owner, designer or artist.

b    You enjoy rolling up your sleeves (and saving money in the process).

c    You want the tools and knowledge to execute your own PR campaigns.

What you’ll get:

a    Advice on how to develop talking points around your brand and launch stories.

b    Our list of go-to story angles that’ll pique design editor’s interest.

c    A list of the top publications geared towards design.

d   Advice on how to think about timing your launch and when to have your ducks in a row.

e   Our Editorial-Who’s-Who Guide.

f   Insider tips on how PR pros research media contacts.

g   Our Press Kit Manual that helps you create one that goes beyond the industry standard.

h   Notes on how to translate your talking points into a winning pitch.

i   The Designer’s PR Starter Kit is priced at $299 USD.

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