Express One-to-One Consulting Sessions.

Our One-to-One Consulting Sessions are private phone consultations where we assess your current PR viability, diving into the challenges you're currently facing, demystifying the PR process, and unpacking solutions and tactics that we think could take you closer to successfully generating media coverage. You can also lean on your PR consultant's expertise to advise you on things like strategy, events, copywriting, photography, or fielding in-bound press requests — and anything in between.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’d like to chat things out with a PR professional before committing to doing a full PR Launch Campaign.

b    You already worked with us on a Custom PR Toolkit and you have follow up questions.

What we’ll do:

a    Provide you with directives that can help you prepare in advance for an efficient session with us.

b    Directly respond to any questions you have during the call and provide thoughtful advice, practical PR tips, or assistance with anything communications or PR-related.

c    Give you the option to receive follow-up documentation after our calls, so you can participate fully instead of taking notes.

d   Give you the option to record our video calls if you wish.

e   The Express One-to-One Consulting Session (up to 90 mins) carries a flat fee of $375 USD.

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