April 2, 2021

As Seen In: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio PR Case Study.

In “As Seen In” we revisit projects with some of our talented clients and their PR Consultants to get the skinny on their PR journeys, the low-down on the results of their Hello Human publicity projects plus some tips and tricks we all learned along the way.

Lightscape Candlelight Sculpture by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Photo: Charlie Schuck.


Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

PR Consultant

Jenny Nguyen, Founder of Hello Human


Brooklyn, NY


PR Launch Campaign for the Lightscape Candlelight Sculpture

Secured It:
The PR Upshot.

Design Anthology International Issue 2020; Following the Rhythms

L&G Studio:
It’s been a dream come true for us to be featured in Design Anthology, we love their thoughtfulness and sensibility. We really appreciate how DA spoke authentically to the lifestyle around how and what we do.

Jenny Nguyen:
I knew this was a dream publication for L&G Studio to land in so I took the opportunity to lay the foundation with DA’s editor and open up a separate conversation about their fantastic new podcast. It was a great segue into introducing L&G Studio’s work, which resulted in this beautiful double page spread.

Design Milk; Lightscape Candle Light by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

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L&G Studio:
Design Milk has always supported our work over the years and it was nice to see them continuing to.

"It’s been a dream come true for us to be featured in Design Anthology, we love their thoughtfulness and sensibility.”

— Ladies & Gentlemen Studio —

Metropolis Online; Ladies & Gentlemen on the Mystery and Magic of Light and Materiality

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L&G Studio:
This feature thoughtfully and holistically encompassed our studio’s philosophy and process in a way few have.  We’re so happy to have gotten such in-depth coverage that went beyond a simple product feature to cover the whole of what we do.

Jenny Nguyen:
Landing this feature for L&G Studio was all about showing the work to the right person at Metropolis. I knew from researching Leilah Stone’s previous writings that they would be interested to hear about L&G Studio’s recent work and that they’d also be open to hearing how the product launch tied to a richer story about the studio’s creative process. We were so pleased when the conversations resulted in such an in depth interview about L&G Studio’s overarching practice.

Metropolis Nov/Dec 2020 Issue; Spectrum on Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

L&G Studio:
Happy to see this lovely photo and short blurb of our Lightscape featured in a printed issue of Metropolis.

The New York Times; Home & Design Gift Guide

L&G Studio:
Our Lightscape Candle Light essentially sold out within a month of the NYT gift guide feature! Being in the NYT gift guide generated a lot of interest and demand, so we ended up producing another edition!

Jenny Nguyen:
The New York Times Gift Guide is a huge win (thank you Tim McKeough!) for businesses looking to increase demand for a product. I usually advise clients to refrain from looking at PR as a tool to generate sales as opposed to brand awareness, but this particular placement is definitely an exception!


Sight Unseen; Saturday Selects

L&G Studio:
We love the continued support from Sight Unseen of our studio. Always a pleasure to see our work shown alongside a great eclectic curation of contemporary design.

"The New York Times Gift Guide is a huge win for businesses looking to increase demand for a product.”

— Jenny Nguyen, PR Consultant —

In Conclusion:
Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s PR Launch Campaign Review.

What’s the most notable thing you got out of working with Hello Human generally and for this campaign?
We really appreciated and enjoyed the connection Jenny has made with the editors at Design Anthology and Metropolis. It's rare that we get to speak with editors directly to share our stories, perspectives and process. The virtual interviews Hello Human arranged with editors enabled us to share more nuanced ideas about the work we do.  The quality of the resulting features were therefore more meaningful and impactful. 

Did you notice any areas of growth following these media placements?
We noticed a direct correlation between the press features we got and the number of the Lightscape pieces sold. We sold out of the first limited edition of 75 units between November and early December and ended up creating another edition due to all the demand!

"We sold out of the first limited edition... and ended up creating another edition due to all the demand!.”

— Ladies & Gentlemen Studio —

Would you be willing to provide a testimonial recommending our services to other creatives?
We really enjoyed working with Jenny at Hello Human and couldn’t be happier with the result we got just from working with her for 3 months. We found that her willingness to really listen and her methodical approach got us quality press features that really spoke to our studio spirit. She’s also incredibly organized and transparent in her process and really helped us understand what we needed to do in order to connect with our ideal press outlets.

Dylan Davis and Jean Lee, Co-Founders of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Photo: Jonathan Hokklo.