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The Humanist is an online journal celebrating the human side of business. It’s a space where we appreciate the people behind the things we love and document practical wisdom about creativity and PR that we’ve picked up along the way.

Pitch Perfect: Jenny Nguyen, Founder of Hello Human
Jul 09, 2020

In “Pitch Perfect” we tap Hello Human’s publicity pros and PR experts we admire to share 5 practical PR tips, useful insights and experiences they’ve learned on the job, for small businesses to start using today.

Hello Human’s founder, Jenny Nguyen shares everything from favorite PR tech to nuggets of advice gleaned from mentor figures.

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen Studio.
Jul 09, 2020

Introducing Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, a Brooklyn-based holistic design practice driven by curiosity and wonderment. We talk to them about the unveiling of their newest release, the “Lightscape Candle Holder” and dig into their design process, philosophies and what the future of design looks like to them.

Meet Tantuvi.
Jul 01, 2020

Introducing Tantuvi, the New York-based rug and textile studio that produces heirloom pieces made by seventh generation dhurrie weavers of North India. Tantuvi is a sustainable design business offering the global marketplace great design made possible through community engagement and economic empowerment.

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