July 22, 2021

As Seen In: Tantuvi PR Case Study.

In “As Seen In” we revisit projects with some of our talented clients and their PR Consultants to get the skinny on their PR journeys, the low-down on the results of their Hello Human publicity projects plus some tips and tricks we all learned along the way.

Kitchen & Bath Rug Collection by Tantuvi. Photo courtesy of Tantuvi.



PR Consultant

Nathalie Pierrepont Danilovich, PR Consultant


Brooklyn, NY


PR Launch Campaign for Kitchen & Bath Rug Collection

Secured It:
The PR Upshot.

AD Pro; From the Source: Tantuvi Rugs

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I love AD and they have supported Tantuvi from day one. It was really nice to see them chat about the rugs and say such lovely things about us and our work. It feels great to know AD continues to support us.

Nathalie P. Danilovich:
AD is very familiar with Tantuvi, so the market and news editors were thrilled to hear about the brand’s expansion into kitchen and bath.

; “The Best New Products to Jazz Up Your Kitchen and Bath”

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This was a great round up and they shot the rugs in a playful way. it was nice to see this placement.

Nathalie P. Danilovich:
Because Dwell had never covered Tantuvi, I wanted to show the work to the right person. I reached out to a former AD.com editor, now contributing to Dwell, about its upcoming Kitchen and Bath preview. As it turned out, the editor had a great association with Tantuvi from her days at AD.com and was impressed by the new products and images.

"It was nice to be prepared for once!”

— Tantuvi —

Interior Design; “Tantuvi Introduces Graphic Rugs Crafted Using Traditional Techniques”

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I was really happy with this one as Interior Design has wanted to do more than a round up for a while, but the timing always did not match up due to things not being photographed in time. It was nice to be prepared for once!

Nathalie P. Danilovich:
Interior Design was initially interested in including the collection in kitchen and bath market coverage; however, in following up several weeks later, we realized they would be a perfect fit for an upcoming issue focused on global creativity and diversity. Tantuvi was subsequently featured in Interior Design’s “Spring Market Tabloid” as well.

Wall Street Journal; “What Are the Best Bathroom Rugs?”

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I think this piece generated the most sales of our bath and kitchen rugs, we almost sold out of a couple styles over the weekend this feature went live.

Nathalie P. Danilovich:
The Wall Street Journal’s features team is always working on themed round-ups, so we highlighted the collection’s differentiating qualities - and gave them ample lead time with the news. We were very pleased that they were able to incorporate one of the new designs into a themed round-up in print and online.

Wallpaper*; “Colourful rugs from world-leading designers and makers”

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It was great to have our image be the lead for the round up, and we haven't had a mention in Wallpaper* online since 2016.

Nathalie P. Danilovich:
For Wallpaper*, we shared the news of the latest collection as well as insight into Tantuvi’s creative process, impact and partnership with its team in India. The pitch must have made an impact because not only did the team remember to incorporate Tantuvi into a feature several weeks later, but also led to a more in-depth conversation about the brand -- hopefully fodder for a profile in the future.

"I think [The Wall Street Journal] piece generated the most sales of our bath and kitchen rugs, we almost sold out of a couple styles over the weekend this feature went live.”

— Tantuvi —

In Conclusion:
Tantuvi’s PR Launch Campaign Review.

What’s the most notable thing you got out of working with Hello Human generally and for this campaign?
For me, really understanding how to be better prepared, knowing the tools for press outreach, and how to be more organized with a product or collection launch. As normally, we generate our press via trade shows and nothing is shot yet, so it's always a bit crazy and some playing catch up. It was also a really valuable way to reestablish connections with press I made over the years, for them to be re-introduced to Tantuvi was invaluable, especially during a time where we have less visibility without shows.

Did you notice any areas of growth following these media placements?
Our collection sold better than I anticipated. Ten styles in total and four sold out,  and it was also the first time we offered a product that was DTC only, at a low price point for us.

"Working with Hello Human was a very transparent and seamless process.

— Tantuvi —

Would you be willing to provide a testimonial recommending our services to other creatives?
Working with Hello Human was a very transparent and seamless process. I really appreciated the updates and check ins on how the launch was going for our collection, to see everything in one place and understand all the steps involved was very helpful. I was really impressed with the campaign's outcome and did not expect to have so many placements, and great to hear the press who couldn’t place us but were eager to learn more. As a small business, I don't have time to focus on PR, but this was a great process and an educational one as well! We are looking forward to our next launch with Hello Human.

Arati Rao, Founder of Tantuvi. Photo courtesy of Tantuvi.