May 10, 2021
 A collection of Minh Singer’s decorative and functional porcelain bowls. Photo by Matt Kroenig.

Creative Humans: Say hello to Minh Singer.

By Meggie Sullivan.

Hello Human welcomes Brooklyn-based ceramic artist, Minh Singer, into our burgeoning community of Creative Humans. Her work stands out to us for its balance of materiality––clay and porcelain––color and ornamentation. Frankly, we’ve never quite seen anything like it.
Singer’s pieces evoke ancient and mystical references, while reflecting corners of her subconscious. Imagery of natural wonders, such as thermal pool and geysers, have lingered in her mind’s eye since childhood only to reemerge years later within her work.

Nurturing her craft each day, Singer tells us her aim is to inspire wonder and optimism through her works made of. A painter, Singer enjoys mixing and layering of colors to offer a depth and luminosity to her one-of-a-kind glazes. For ornamentation, she will sometimes add 22-karat gold or an iridescent Mother of pearl layer. Minh sees the future of design as a magical integration of technology, traditional techniques, and soulful artistry. Read below to learn more about what drives this creative human, Minh Singer…

 Singer at the kiln in her Brooklyn studio. Photo courtesy of Minh Singer.


Minh Singer

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Brooklyn, NY 


Company Profile 

Minh Singer is a visual artist based in Brooklyn and a graduate from Pratt Institute.  Working primarily in ceramics, she synthesizes realms of civilizations long gone, the center of the earth, natural phenomena, the cosmos, and the very present moment into timeless art objects. Minh has a background in fashion and art education. She enjoys swimming, taking it slow, and talking about feelings. 

Inside Singer’s studio located in Brooklyn. Photo Courtesy of Minh Singer.

What makes you get up and design/create every morning? 
My creative practice is my baby. I have to nurture it and inspire it daily so that it can keep me focused, fulfilled and out of trouble.

Is it the problem or the solution that fuels your design practice? 
The problem fuels it and the solution is the icing on the cake.
What’s your spirit material? 

A design/art/architecture project that you always return to for inspiration?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is always my go-to for exploring the world and time travel.  

Three words that describe your practice
Grounding. Intuitive. Happenstance.

What does the future of design look like to you? 
More inclusive and diverse. Altering consciousness. Healing. For the greater good. Technology + Old school techniques + Lots of soul = Magic.

How do you use design for good?
I make art to evoke positive feelings. I hope to align more with social and environmental issues I believe in. I ultimately want to teach and share knowledge in the future.

A porcelain piece from Singer’s collection. Photo by Matt Kroenig.