April 8, 2021

Pitch Perfect: Go Kasai, PR Consultant.

By Nabi Williams.


Go Kasai, PR Consultant and Founder of Go Kasai Inc.



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In “Pitch Perfect” we tap Hello Human’s publicity pros and the PR experts we admire to share 5 practical PR tips, useful insights and experiences they’ve learned on the job, so small businesses can start implementing them today.

One piece of advice for a small business starting out with their own PR.

PR is not a tool to solve your business problems. PR is a tool to build on your vision.

What’s your latest big PR win and how did you get there?  

I work with Colony, the designer’s co-op based in New York. The founder, Jean Lin and I have been talking about working together for over a year before we finally found the perfect opportunity to partner. It never feels right to rush a client into doing PR, and the client has to be on the same page as you. Otherwise, the outcome will never be satisfactory for either party. In this case, I am glad we both waited for the right moment to work together. Patience is a virtue!

SAVVY STUDIO, a client of Go Kasai Inc. in Azure
Story by Kendra Jackson: “Savvy Studio Unveils “Altars to Chocolate” in Manhattan.”

Biggest PR Pitfall?
Believing that you have to drop whatever you’re doing to respond back to every client email right away. Respond back to say you’ll get around to it by a certain time, be your word, and take your time responding back later.

Visual or verbal—what gets more attention and why?

It’s a case-by-case situation. Visual if the pitch can be illustrated with strong photography. Verbal if it requires in-depth story telling. 

Digital or print?

Nothing replaces the feeling of holding a print magazine. I still love to receive a magazine in the mail or buy from a magazine shop, flip through the pages, and enjoy the sense of discovery.

Best advice for dealing with rejection?

Never mull on rejections. It happens to everyone all the time.