We offer a range of flat-fee publicity services, set up as one-off consultations and projects, PR campaigns or subscription PR packages to provide you with the flexibility to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Designer’s PR Starter Kit.

Become your own PR specialist with our do-it-yourself PR starter kit. Using our deep industry knowledge, we tailored this kit specifically for designers and makers. The Designer’s PR Starter Kit provides clear and actionable instructions, helping you articulate who you are and what you do, shows you how to and who to build media relationships with, and puts you on track to execute your own successful PR campaigns.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’re an independent business owner, designer or artist.

b    You enjoy rolling up your sleeves (and saving money in the process).

c    You want the tools and knowledge to execute your own PR campaigns.

What you’ll get:

a    Advice on how to develop talking points around your brand and launch stories.

b    Our list of go-to story angles that’ll pique design editor’s interest.

c    A list of the top publications geared towards design.

d   Advice on how to think about timing your launch and when to have your ducks in a row.

e   Our Editorial-Who’s-Who Guide.

f   Insider tips on how PR pros research media contacts.

g   Our Press Kit Manual that helps you create one that goes beyond the industry standard.

h   Notes on how to translate your talking points into a winning pitch.

i   The Designer’s PR Starter Kit is priced at $299 USD.

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Express One-to-One Consulting Sessions.

Our One-to-One Consulting Sessions are private phone consultations where we assess your current PR viability, diving into the challenges you're currently facing, demystifying the PR process, and unpacking solutions and tactics that we think could take you closer to successfully generating media coverage. You can also lean on your PR consultant's expertise to advise you on things like strategy, events, copywriting, photography, or fielding in-bound press requests — and anything in between.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’d like to chat things out with a PR professional before committing to doing a full PR Launch Campaign.

b    You already worked with us on a Custom PR Toolkit and you have follow up questions.

c    You’d find it valuable to have a PR professional look over your images and materials, help you make any tweaks or provide advice before you send it off to the media.

What we’ll do:

a    Provide you with directives that can help you prepare in advance for an efficient session with us.

b    Directly respond to any questions you have during the call and provide thoughtful advice, practical PR tips, or assistance with anything communications or PR-related.

c    Give you the option to receive follow-up documentation after our calls, so you can participate fully instead of taking notes.

d   Give you the option to record our video calls if you wish.

e   Express One-to-One Consulting Session (up to 90 mins) are priced on a sliding scale starting from $375 USD.

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Custom PR Strategy.

We’ll help get you to the point where you can execute a solid PR strategy that’s tailored to your business’s individual needs. A PR pro will help you articulate who you are and what you do, identify story angles and opportunities to reach out to press, and define exactly who to reach out to. Then, they’ll work directly with you to hash out the strategy, gather your feedback and tweak it so you’re ready to execute your own successful PR Campaign with confidence. The Custom PR Strategy is also the perfect foundation for a longer term partnership with Hello Human.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’re an independent business owner, designer or artist.

b    You enjoy rolling up your sleeves (and saving money in the process).

c    You prefer working directly with a PR pro to advise on your story and who to tell it to.

d    You want the tools and knowledge to execute your own PR strategy.

What we’ll do:

a    Immerse ourselves in your brand via an in-depth interview questionnaire.

b    Translate your answers into key moments, talking points and stories.

c    Identify your audience and how you resonate with them.

d    Create a PR framework and roll-out plan for you to execute.

e    Work directly with you on a follow-up call to hash out your strategy draft, and make a round of final tweaks.

f    Custom PR Strategies are priced at $1299 USD.

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PR Launch Campaigns.

We’ll launch a campaign to get your brand’s latest product or service in front of the right editors and writers. We’ll consult you on how to create your own press kits, then we’ll speak to our media contacts on your behalf – so you can get back to being creative while we work on getting you the best possible exposure.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’ve done a Custom PR Toolkit with us and you’d like us to execute the plan for you.

b    You’re looking to get the word out about a new product, project or event.

c    You want to learn about PR best practice, but don’t have the bandwidth to execute a campaign yourself.

What we’ll do:

a    Develop a customized PR strategy to launch your campaign.

b    Help you create a purposeful press communication and press kit.

c    Personally connect to the right editors and writers to tell them about your launch.

d    PR Launch Campaigns are priced on a sliding scale starting from $2850 USD, covering up to a three month period (specific timings are unique to each job).

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