Brand Profiling.

The package for those who want to leave a lasting impression. We’ll work to make sure your brand is remembered between individual campaigns, building lasting relationships with editors and writers who tell in-depth stories that go beyond the usual product or launch coverage. This service is for existing clients who want to embed themselves more deeply within their communities, and stay in the conversation outside the regular media cycles.

You’ll need this if:

a    You’ve launched a PR campaign with us before and are looking to tell a more in-depth story.

b    You want to build deeper relationships with the media and with your PR consultant.

What we’ll do:

We’ll start by identifying your goals for this engagement to determine where to focus our energy on tasks that could include:

a    Identifying and nurturing stories aimed at raising your profile.

b    Connecting you with the right editors, writers and partners, helping you foster lasting relationships.

c    Helping you refine your brand positioning and messaging.

d    Providing you with ongoing strategic counsel and support.

e    Fielding incoming press requests, so you don’t have to.

f    Providing you with media training, so you can answer journalists’ questions with confidence.

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