PR Subscription Package.

Good things take time. That’s why we’re here for the long haul. Our PR Subscription Package is ideal for existing clients looking to grow their brand awareness over a sustained period. Team up with a dedicated PR professional to create an à la carte publicity program that goes the distance.

You’ll need this if:

a    You want a sustained, hands-on publicity service to foster ongoing growth.

b    You worked with one of our PR consultants before and want continuity and to deepen the relationship.

c    You prefer the kind of deep, meaningful brand engagement that takes time to build.

Some of the things we can do:

a    Devise a custom PR strategy to achieve maximum reach over a designated period of time.

b    Engage the right editors and writers to raise your profile across multiple campaigns.

c    Essentially you can get everything in the PR Launch Campaigns and Brand Profiling package, but with deeper follow-through over the designated subscription period.

d   The PR Subscription Package is fully customizable and available for six, twelve or eighteen-month periods. Subscriptions are priced according to your individual needs. Get in touch for an estimate.

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